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Paris is a 2.2 million inhabitant city that welcomes 28 million tourists each year; it is then tough not to be a tourist! Just quickly forget Charles De Gaulle airport to dive fast into a city that looks like a live museum, a busy noisy crowded diverse jungle, a unique experience of lights and shadows. Compared to other capital cities Paris is not too vast; taxis are expensive and somehow difficult to grab, so go for public transport or just walk or bike while staying away from crazy drivers who don’t give way. Left Bank, Right Bank: both sides of the Seine River are worth the trip. Go Right for iconic-boring places (Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre) or hidden gems (streets and fashion at Le Marais, Belleville Chinatown, Marché d’Aligre). Go Left for the overcrowded Eiffel Tower, but don’t miss the Quartier Latin, the fashion shops of Saint-Germain des Prés or a café at Montparnasse. The Important thing is to get exhausted enough to sit down and relax with food and drinks in each spot.


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Act Section (New York)

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On a Sunday morning, go for a local food watching in one of the numerous open-air food markets.
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Act Section, Don'ts (New York)

Don’t leave large tips unless the waiter is very friendly.
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Ask a local

You may not profit from photos of the Eiffel Tower at night.

Local Speakêtre destroy(translation: to be way cool.)
Live like a local
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